Yemen Computer Co. Ltd. (YCC), the most pioneer computer company in Yemen, was established in September 1977 as a computer hardware and software distributor and vendor. Currently the Company represents Sun Microsystems products, IBM products, ATM and POS products, Satellite Communication products, Intel Servers and PCs and their associated support systems and supplies. We also associate with many software houses to cater needs of banking, telecommunication, airlines, public utilities, trading and commercial sectors.

With over 50 employees located in Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Hodeidah and Mukalla, YCC is the largest and most experienced computer specialist company in Yemen. Our technical staff consists of maintenance engineers, programmers and system analysts, who service over 70 computer sites. YCC is, therefore, in a position to offer a unique and total service to our clients in most areas of computerization. Please contact us for more information or for specific products and services.